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HRV’s unique structure has positioned it to be a strong advocate for Southwest Virginia residents on health legislation including advocating at a local and state level for Medicaid Expansion and the Marketplace Exchanges.


Healthy Roanoke Valley – Our Role in Advocacy

 Healthy Roanoke Valley engages in advocacy activities in order to improve access to care and coordination of services and to promote a culture of wellness in the Roanoke Valley.

 HRV Advocacy Parameters:

  •  We develop public policy statements regarding regulatory and statutory issues in a manner consistent with our mission.  All public policy statements require approval of a two-thirds majority of a quorum of the HRV Steering Committee.
  •  All of our advocacy activities are designed to further positive health outcomes in the Roanoke Valley.  HRV does not endorse the policy statements of other organizations that do not fulfill this expectation.
  •  We presume that all elected officials and policy makers support the betterment of public health whether they agree with HRV policy statements or not.
  • We engage in a variety of advocacy activities consistent with that of non-profit charitable organizations operating in Virginia.  HRV dos not engage in any electoral activities and does not support or oppose any candidates or political parties.
  • We focus our advocacy work on local concerns and will work in coalition with others on state and federal issues and concerns.
  •  HRV members and associate organizations are not required to accept or agree with any of our public policy statements. Membership or association does presume that the ideals and activities of an individual or organization are aligned and consistent with the overall mission of HRV.

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