Mental Health & Substance Use

Community Need

FI-meditationThere are tremendous mental health and substance use needs in our service area. Botetourt and Craig Counties and portions of the City of Roanoke are designated as Health Professional Shortage Areas. In the 2012 Roanoke Valley Community Health Needs Assessment, 25% of survey respondents reported having depression or anxiety. Focus group participants reported that they often times rely on a support network of “family, friends, and church” when they need to talk to someone about mental health or substance use issues. Adults living in the City of Roanoke report more mentally unhealthy days per month (4.3) as compared to other localities in the Valley and Virginia as a whole (County Health Rankings, 2014). Additionally, prescription drug and opiate abuse is a growing issue across the region.

 Healthy Roanoke Valley Goal and Program Strategy

  •  Mental Health and Substance Use Goal:  Improve access to appropriate treatment services for individuals who experience mental health or substance use disorders.
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Program Strategy:  Increase awareness and knowledge of mental health and substance use issues by educating the Roanoke Valley community.

Expected Outcome

  • Decrease the number of Community Health Survey respondents who report services are hard to get in the community.  
  • Decrease the number of mentally unhealthy days in the past month.

Action Team Initiatives

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